Why FeltJungle?

Too often, we travel ready gamblers rely on advertising, less than truthful casino-approved marketing copy, or outdated and inaccurate websites to provide us with information about the joints we gamble our hard earned money at.

Won't Get Fooled Again

How often have you read a casinos description of a buffet or "luxuriously spacious room" only to find that the eggs are powdered, the bacon is burnt and the $200 suite you've just checked into is about as spacious as a Chevette. If you're like us, this has happened to you more times than you'd like to admit.

You'd think that in the internet age there would be reliable information available online to help gamblers make better choices. Unfortunately, most casino guide websites are either shills for online poker and slot scams, a rehashing of casino marketing messages, or just plain useless, inaccurate or chock full of spyware.

The Mob Rules

FeltJungle has set out to change all that by turning over the keys to the website to you... the readers. It is physically impossible for an all-volunteer team of writer/webgeek/gamblers to stay, play and dine at every casino in the world.

With almost 1200 casinos in the United States alone, one would have to visit about three joints a day for an entire year to be able to provide an annually updated guide of them all. FeltJungle, by channeling the power of the mob (mob, as in 'large numbers of people' - not goodfellas with tommy guns) helps readers make better travel decisions, take advantage of special offers, avoid gambling traps, save money and maximize fun by letting our readers rate and review the gambling joints they frequent the most.

Take a Penny... Leave a Penny

It's just that simple. Looking for some information about Ameristar Council Bluffs? Read the casino overview, reader submitted reviews, and use our maps to get directions. When you come back from your visit, come back to FeltJungle and post your experiences to the Ameristar Council Bluffs page.

It's easy and it's free, but it only works with your participation. Take a penny, leave a penny... and in turn save a few bucks and the bucks of your fellow gamblers.

30% of all travelers change their plans based on reading online reviews written by other travelers.

- TripAdvisor.com

By the Numbers

11 States that allow commercial casinos 1

11 States that allow racetrack casinos 1

25 Percent of US Adults who visited a casino in 2006 1

56 Million visitors to Casinos in 2006 1

6.6 Average number of casino visits per year, per gambler. 1

445 Commercial Casinos in United States 1

354 Tribal Casinos in United States 2

84.6 revenue from U.S. gaming operations (billions USD) 1

(1) American Gaming Association
(2) National Indian Gaming Association