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Photo Review: Dad's Room At Pala

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 14th November 2011 2:50pm
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My Dad is not a gambler. He can count the number of times he's been to Vegas on one and a half hands in his 81 years circling the sun. Ever since he married Gloria, 8 years ago, he's been going to Vegas and hitting all the tribal casinos in southern California.

Recently, we met up with Dad and Gloria during one of their casino jaunts to the California desert, where the promise of comped rooms, dinner and a show brought them to Pala Resort and Casino. Being a nosey bastard, I managed to get him to give up the keys so I could sneak in and take photos.

Pala is one of the nicer (and larger) casino resorts in Southern California and is a short goat trail of a drive from the heavily advertised Pechanga. The casino offers all of the standard games - slots, video poker, blackjack, carnival poker games, mini-baccarat, paigow - plus the ubiquitous "California Craps" game where cards are used to determine actionable numbers instead of dice.

The hotel is set back to the far end of the casino a real trudge if you use the self-parking garage. We suggest all hotel guests use the Valet entrance and have bell service carry your bags for a nominal fee.

The elevator landings feature colorful carpets and wood walls and fingerprint free elevators. Pala is probably one of the cleanest hotels I've ever set foot in.

Pala Elevatorlanding

Love the carpet!

Pala Elevator

No gangster tag scrawling on the elevators!

Pala Vestibule

Just outside the elevator landings are small vestibules with couches and chairs. I wish all hotels had this.

Pala Hallway

Sorry about the shitty cellphone pix.

Pala Bed

Stepping inside, the decor is bright, clean and sharp albeit a slight bit dated. I'm guessing that turndown service replaces the "for show" pillow with "for blow" pillows.

Pala Nightstand

Night stand includes phone, iHome docking station, lamp, guidevertisements and a comment card.

Pala Table

Next to the bed is a small cocktail table and two chairs. The water is complimentary.

Pala Tv

A giant piece of wood furniture announces the presence of a TV set and some stuff hidden inside.

Pala Coffee

But first, to the left is a small desk area with a self serve coffee machine perched atop it.

Pala Safe

Inside the cabinets... peekaboo, here's a safe!

And the minibar:

Pala Minibar2

Candies, cookies, chips and a spa intimacy kit.

Pala Minibar1

RedBull, Heineken (brewed in Holland), Pellegrino, bubbly, white wine, club soda, diet/coke, sprite, tomato juice, oj, grapefruit, Bud, Corona, Bud Light and Coors.

Pala Minibar3

Door booze includes a camera, Johnny Walker Black, Corvousier, Dewars, Chivas, Kahlua, Captain Morgan, Absolut, Stoli, Cuervo Gold and Jack Daniels... all of the basic food groups.

Moving to the bathroom...

Pala Sink

The bathroom vanity features one sink, one outlet and a smallish mirror hanging above. Bland.

Pala Tub

The bathroom features a full tub, and glass enclosed shower. Looks great and was spotless.

Pala Shower

The shower.

Pala Throne

The throne featured a shat phone which for obvious reasons you should never use.

On the surface, Pala's hotel rooms look great. They aren't the most modern piece of luxurious eye candy you've ever seen, but they are clean, classy and comfortable.

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