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"How can I tell what shape the clouds are today if I'm stuck inside?"

"How can I tell what shape the clouds are today if I'm stuck inside?"

“I am a Little Sprout, growing up in a bustling city. Like other sprouts, I dream of catching the sun’s rays or sleeping peacefully under the shade of the trees. Yet, in this modern city, all I see are skyscrapers and hectic roads full of traffic.”


UTS understands that the first five years of child’s life are extremely important for a child’s development. The Kindergarten program at US Vietnam Talent International School gives children the opportunity to think and experience the colorful world around them, while at the same time sowing the seeds of “self-reliance” in children from their early years. We aim to nurture our youngest students to become independent members of the community, stepping out of their comfort zones and embarking on their journeys of learning.

What I enjoy most about coming to Game bài đổi thưởng Mê đổi thưởng Campus each day is the abundance of natural light outside the class windows. It is where I get to explore lots of stimulating things and feel upbeat, which motivates me to study better with the utmost motivation.

My enthusiasm for learning stems from my enjoyable experiences at UTS. Aside from the usual classroom and book-based learning, I can run, play, and go outside to explore the colorful world.

Kindergarten at UTS

Kindergarten at UTS

The program is built on the Montessori philosophy, which promotes children’s potential and helps them to develop comprehensively in the spirit of respecting the natural physiology of age. We want to arouse students’ curiosity about the world, and at the same time, enhance the connection and flexible coordination of the five senses in each student so that they not only develop intellectually but also in terms of their health, independence, emotions, and personalities.


The Kindergarten program at UTS – built on the Montessori philosophy and combined with the Oxford International Curriculum (OIC) and the Floppy’s Phonics Program. This combination of innovative learning techniques helps our youngest students become active members of the community and get ready for the big world.

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Montessori – Helping children strengthen mind-body connections and the flexible coordination of the 5 senses, while developing the skills needed for the 21st century throughout the first years of life.

Floppy’s phonics – At the age of 2.5 years old, students will learn to pronounce different letters and phrases using Floppy’s Phonics – a Top 30 Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP) from the UK National Education Program

OIC – A child’s third year of life is a milestone year for children in learning how to concentrate. Students will learn to find the Joy of learning using the Oxford International Curriculum. By the age of 5, students will be fully prepared to acquire academic knowledge through 3 core subjects: English, Maths and Science. Ultimately, in the OIC program, we aim to cultivate curiosity in every student by exploring the world and to take away countless wonderful memories and lessons.

Learning marterials

The Oxford International Curriculum uses world-class Oxford resources. The curriculum, teaching materials and competency assessment system are compiled and approved by Oxford University Press experts. Additionally, the various online learning resources help students and parents acquire and practice knowledge actively outside the classroom.

Tài liệu

Supportive learning activities

To stimulate the comprehensive development of each "green sprout", each classroom has 5 multi-sensory stimulation stations that are scientifically arranged. More specifically, our youngest students are free to experience a variety of different themes in each station so they can unlock their learning potential every step of the way.

Physical education
Science - Geography
Arts & Creativity
Life skills and personal qualities