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Study pathway

Every school day, every day of life is a journey of discovery for each student of US Vietnam Talent International School. Originating from an intensive education research process, the UTS academic program is designed to make learning a responsibility and interest for each student, helping students understand the meaning of learning for themselves and society, thereby forming lifelong learning habits. UTS students not only study in the classroom, but learn at home, from teachers, friends, and the surrounding society as well.


This is one of the first steps of the child's journey to gain knowledge. The Kindergarten program gives children the opportunity to think and experience the colorful world around them, while at the same time sowing the seeds of “self-reliance” in children from their early years.


Grade 1-5

At this stage, US Vietnam Talent International School takes the role of the foundation builder. We equip Primary students with basic learning skills, while fostering curiosity and creativity, attaching special importance to core competencies through experiential activities, inter-subject topics, clubs and more... Besides, students also enhance their responsibility and self learning, communication and cooperation, problem solving skills and creativity to adapt with any situation in life.


Grade 6-9

The Secondary stage is an important time for students, marking psychological changes and developing both physically and mentally. Therefore, in addition to the learning curriculum, UTS integrates skills training and increases experiential activities, opening up the world for students to find their strengths. We aim to build a holistic learning environment, derived from a foundation of core values along with the learning program and methods of teaching individual competencies in a suitable manner for each student. Every minute spent in class helps students discover the beauty of each subject, develop their interest in learning, discipline training, build passion, and train willpower. From there, students find their inner strength orient themselves towards their future careers.

High School

Grade 10 - 12

High school is a very important time for a student's decisive journey toward their career paths. We are mindful that the knowledge that students at US Vietnam Talent International School carry when entering their adult lives must be valuable and lay a solid foundation for their futures. We work to ensure students always have the ability and bravery to always face all challenges in life, not just in Vietnam, but anywhere in the world. Understanding the importance of this level of study, the international high school program at UTS builds a specialized learning model according to capacity and supplementing the intensive curriculum in the subjects is strong for each student.