Chương trình giáo dục Social Emotional Learning tại UTS Chương trình giáo dục Social Emotional Learning tại UTS

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Social Emotional learning


Social Emotional learning is the program applied by US Vietnam Talent International School to build and implement life skills subjects for students from primary to high school. The program aims to nurture the valuable qualities in each student, help students to be aware and understand themselves, build relationships around them, communicate, collaborate and make responsible decisions. In addition, students learn about the basic concepts in the labor market, combining understanding themselves, understanding the market to zone the right career for themselves and planning that potential work experience.

Self-awareness and adaptability

Shaping the future career


The subject's skill groups are based on UNICEF life skills learning and teaching: concepts and standards, including:

Self-cognitive and self-control

Social cognitive

Relationship building

Responsible decision making

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