When Literature is not simply letters! UTS When Literature is not simply letters! UTS

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When Literature is not simply letters!



  1. Khi Văn học không chỉ đơn giản là những con chữ
Letters and style of author are tools to express ideas and emotions of literary works. However, with students of US Vietnam Talent International School, their feelings are not just letters and thoughts but more lively through… models! After students of Grade 6 had completed the special subject of “Folk tale”, Ms. I Pha – Literature Teacher gave out an interesting topic: Making models of folk tale to make them more lively! In this project, UTS-ers were free to gather as groups, chose the favorite folk tale as well as details in the folk tale to create their own models. The materials of models were all simple and environmentally-friendly, such as: carton cover, color paper, clay, glue, etc. Creativity of UTS-ers is shown by the final products – models of Thanh Giong, Thach Sanh, Son Tinh Thuy Tinh, Frog in the well, The Six Blind Fortune Tellers and an Elephant, etc. With this project, students were encouraged to prove their self-motivation, read the folk tale carefully and choose the appropriate details to complete models. Their imagination and creativity are gradually developed as well with models bearing the hallmark of themselves. Such practical activities are always focused in UTS in order to raise students’ interest in learning Literature and apply unique ideas to enhance learning efficiency.

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