What a meaningful Saturday of UTS at Rhino Day UTS What a meaningful Saturday of UTS at Rhino Day UTS

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What a meaningful Saturday of UTS at Rhino Day



On Saturday 7th October 2023, the UTS Community had a fantastic experience at UTS Van Lang Complex with a new friend named Rhino Ranger from Wild Rhino in the Rhino Day: “Protecting Rhinos and other endangered wild animals”.

Học sinh UTS cam kết bảo vệ Tê giác

It is undeniable that Rhinos are one of the most endangered species in the worldwide, largely due to the illegal poaching to supply the demand for rhino horn products. Therefore, on the Rhino Day, Rhino Ranger assisted UTS students and parents in updating the status and importance of preserving the rhinos specifically and the ecosystem generally.

The one-of-a-kind performance "10 Interesting Facts About Rhinos" by UTS Science Club students has delivered a prominent message about the harsh life that wild animals are facing.

Học sinh UTS diễn kịch với chủ đề 10 sự thật về loài Tê giác

Besides, Mr. Mark David Bell, a Wild Rhino representative, shared with us his practical experiences from working in South Africa. We were all alerted and felt the urgency and need of protecting Rhinos through Mark David Bell's story. In addition, he explained the actual activities that Wild Rhino has delivered and executed to call for assistance from not only Vietnamese community but also the UTS community.

Đại diện tổ chức Wild Rhino chia sẻ về việc bảo vệ Tê giác

As a part of the event, students experienced various activities, as well as participated in the Drawing and Writing contests and received awards certified by Wilderness Foundation Africa.

Học sinh UTS tham gia vẽ tranh về bảo vệ Tê giác tại UTS

Học sinh UTS vẽ tranh về bảo vệ Tê giác tại UTS

UTS is thrilled as aside from students’ agreement, parents have also joined to build a consensus on saying “no” to rhino horn. The more supporters, the more meaningful outcome UTS and Wild Rhino achieved in this journey of educating love, exploring the truth, and orienting the future wildlife propagandists.

Phụ huynh UTS cũng ủng hộ con em tham gia ngày hội bảo vệ Tê giác tại UTS

Học sinh UTS hăng hái trò chơi trong sự kiện Tuyên truyền và bảo vệ Tê giác và các loài động vật quý hiếm

Every creature deserves to live in freedom, happiness, and protection when being threatened. Hence, together let’s preserve the natural ecosystem and build a sustainable habitat for all species, UTS-ers!

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