Each child is a talent - UTS

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Each child is a talent

Based on the “3C Talent Theory” from Professor Dave Ulrich – one of the world’s leading Human Resources experts, “Talent” is made of three main elements: Competence, Commitment, and Contribution. With this educational philosophy, US Vietnam Talent International School aspires to train its students to become global citizens, always ready to take new opportunities, be confident in the face of challenges, and proactively choose the path to their own success.

At UTS, each child is a talent

Competency: refers to the knowledge, skills, and values required for today’s and tomorrow’s jobs.
Commitment: the will and responsibility to put effort in learning.
Contribution: a clear awareness of one's own desires, expressed through passion in studying and working, understanding the meaning of life, thereby creating values for the community and society.
Growing talent with care

Every act of a UTS educator comes from a point of care.
The role of educators at UTS is always to facilitate and accompany students on their academic journeys.
We aim to develop students' talents by cultivating the essential competencies of global citizens.
We nurture the best qualities in students.
We help students commit to their learning as well as bring the knowledge and skills they have learned to improve the quality their lives and their communities.